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The warmth of home


Autumn morning, xiao sun and zhang are busy cleaning the health, the mall to the guests, two hand carry luggage under their enthusiasm, skilled introduction, guests bought many specialties, because buy too much, placed in the luggage when he ripped zipper bad, guests suddenly worried, "how can it do? We have to go out in the afternoon, zipper is bad, how can I board the plane?" Look at the guest helpless expression, they want to as a five-star hotel cannot provide guests with the best quality service, can't let guests are satisfied, will give the guests leave regret, also makes them lose a chance to perfect service. Xiao zhang suddenly remembered in markets outside the hotel there are repair suitcases, considering the guest to errands, but also for our environment and not familiar with here, they actively refer to the "for a moment, we take off work to help you to repair, ok?" . Guests happily say: "can you can, just as you said, it also solved the trouble back at home of I, thank you!" .
Xiao sun and zhang off work, afraid of delay the time of the guests, skip meals, carrying luggage to repair, zipper repaired, they put guests specialty buy good box, carefully pull the zipper and back to the guest room. Guests grateful said: "done so quickly, I feel at home, you warm like family to me, thank you very much!" . See guests smile, xiao sun and zhang also smiled, pleased to get the approval of the guests, they warm in my heart.
Comment on:
1, in this case, xiao sun and zhang want to guests thought, the anxious guest and use the rest time to guests luggage get the repaired outside the hotel, and for the guests packing and specialty arrangement, will back to the room;
2, they can solve the problem, with the fastest speed to make guests feel five-star hotel service level, truly reflects the hotel guests "warm" the service idea;
3, if we can like them, every employee finish every service for the guests have to perfect, let the guests' experience at a time, forever love "feeling, can win the" guests ".