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Qiu dong season feel "big beauty, qinghai dream distance from the north sea," another amorous feelings


Tourism in recent years, the distance from the north sea to the Tibetan autonomous prefecture in the construction of plateau state for the overall goals, make full use of the unique natural and cultural landscape in the fall and winter, religious culture, folk customs, build the fall and winter tourism hotspot, stimulate the vitality of the fall and winter of distance from the north sea travel, further extend the tourist season, promote the balanced development of tourism of the four seasons, to "the great beauty qinghai · dream distance from the north sea" tourism brand.
Recently, the distance from the north sea state tourism bureau deployed early, actively carry out "ecological sightseeing tour, scenery photography, folk experience, adventure" as the theme of the winter tourism activities, in order to attract more visitors into the distance from the north sea, understand the distance from the north sea, promoting the development of tourism in the distance from the north sea.
For effective use of local unique tourism resources, west town, qilian county, haibei alp I states MenYuan county, taking the sea county, just found from September 2014 to April 2015, successively in "golden paradise in September, then enjoy it about beauty", "explore MenYuan silver world, folk culture experience plateau" heaven realm qilian photography, spa experience, gold silver beach paradise winter ice and snow on the ice, the sea in the fall and winter of taking photo contest, the first "harmonious communication month" activities, "the ancestor of the roots of ancestor worship, challenge the limit mountaineering activities" and people swim in qinghai "red tour" activities such as tourism activities in 14 categories.Can climb during the beishan, through the fairy m national forest park, enjoy ma CengLinJinRan;Feel the beauty of the vast grassland and pastoral poetry;Challenge post card xuefeng towering steep, qilian mountain grassland landscape, ZhuoErShan scenic spot, the beauty of the heihe river valley and bayi glacier qiu dong the day, at the same time can go to the qilian Oriental Swiss hot spring water world experience, to participate in the activities of gold silver beach paradise ice in winter ice and snow more;Enjoy folk folk Musical Instruments, clothing exhibition, folk folk artists show;Climb mount in qin Xia Ge day, challenge the limit activities;To find the agency, the original current, close to qinghai lake birds, appreciate the qinghai lake "freeze" a spectacular;Will also be able to watch the heroic epic "king gesar".People also can visit his own id free atoms in qinghai city museum, on the second branch factory, star standing, such as detonation proving ground red tourist attractions.