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First discovered in qinghai area rich germanium soil


Fifth of geology and mineral resources prospecting institute of qinghai province recently found in eastern qinghai province for you --, xunhua area accumulates rich germanium soil.At present, the investigation of hospital is to rich germanium area for further evaluation.
Five academy in your county, qinghai xunhua salar autonomous county area in the Yellow River valley, land quality geochemical survey found that the region's large area soil germanium content is relatively high, and the preliminary enrichment layer found in your group.Parts of crops is affected by high soil of germanium, germanium content is higher also.
It is reported, germanium is a kind of important strategic resources.Organic germanium has extensive pharmacological effects and great potential for the treatment of disease.Ginseng, Chinese wolfberry, astragalus and other Chinese traditional organic germanium content in rare traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is extremely high.The discovery of the rich soil of germanium is in qinghai medlar very near.
At present, the domestic study of germanium rich plant is potted experiment phase, mainly manual help plants to rich germanium solution with germanium, and natural planting has not carried out under the condition of the large-scale rich germanium.Due to the organic germanium high medicinal value, using biological enrichment to rich germanium growing development has broad prospects.