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One Tiny Point


On August 19, 2012, there was one guest gratituding to the duty presonnel. And at the same time, he took out a passionate commendatory letter. The thank-you letter said,"Dear general manager, I am a member of Hangzhou Municipal People's Congress. Yesterday morning, I went to Qinghai Lake. When I came back to the room in the afternoon, I found my T-shirt was washed clean and dried in the sun, my dirty leather shoes were wiped up and the waiter provide me a humidifier. I ever stayed in more than one hundred of hotels, even the Burj Al-Aryou ought to belly. But I had never enjoy this wispy service. So I was moved. Although it is small, it shows the concept "guest highest" and thoughtful service quality. It also shows educine of the people in Xining. I suggest you praise three waitresses, You Jing, Dou Zengqing and Liang Fenfang. I will thank them very much. And I will take the papaer slip to Hangzhou, and let the comrades who are working in Hangzhou Hotel Industry study.      Hong Shengyong"

In the morning of 18th Aug, the waitresses, Dou Zengqing and Liang Fenfang worked as usual. When they confirmed the guest in Room 1801 went out, they started to their daily work. When they found the wet towel on the night table, they knew that, the guest must feel dry in the room. When they foreman, You Jing approved this idea, she took a humidifier to the room. When they found the dirty leather shoes, they wiped them clean right away. When they saw the T-shirt on the table-board, they washed it and dried it in the sun. Finish all of the work, they left a warm message slip in the room. At night, when Director Hong saw this situation, he felt surprise and move. So he sent his secretary to thank the staff.